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Beti Bachao Foundation is a Girl Child Right Organization which works for education , health, medical & old age we help for the poor and needy people For girl child and to built up the good relationships to increase the cultures and respect girls .it is an independent organistion ,with no religious political Or governmental afflication and Registered Under Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 F-37887.

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Beti bachao foundation is the mission to save the girl child in india saving girl child who are having a major problems such has suffering from many major diseases. As the girl child is the most beautiful creation of god a girl is more so because she is the mother of futher generation.


1. AIM is every GIRLD CHILD has the right from the birth to a name & nationality

2. To help needy people like, orphan’s senior citizen, windows , handicaps needy people & children etc.

3. To organize and take up health, educational and welfare programses for the needy women and children on priorty basis.

4. Financial help to poor and needy kids for major surgeries who are suffering from diseases like cancer thanllesemia hole in heart and etc.


Educational: To establish conduct & mange all types of give the educational help to the needy person

Health & medical: To mange medical camps,free check up for the needy person and poor one in rural erea.the small children who are suffering from cancer mental disease and many other serious diseases.

Social: To create awareness in india and abroad to stop female foticide sex selective abortion against girl child. To save girl child from the bad elements of the society. To provide medical relief to girl child poor blind and other problems .

Sports: To provide medical assistance to players like dietary counseling,vitamin supply protein drink physical fitness.

Arts & culture: To celebrate all national & traditional festivals with old age & children in orpharage home.


A girl especially is more vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse. The poor economic conditions of family households, cultural and social practices and prevalence of child marriage are the significant reasons for girls leaving school early and the decline of their education, which in turn reduces opportunity. It can also lead to early pregnancy which is a substantial health risk. The health of girls who are sexually exploited is also at high risk as they are more likely to contract life threatening diseases.